About Michigan Oral History Database Project

MICHIGAN ORAL HISTORY DATABASE: Identify to preserve. Welcome to the Michigan Oral History Database. This portal is a free resource to both institutions and those interested in oral history. Institutions log in, create an account, and begin to contribute oral history records giving researchers worldwide the ability to access and browse descriptions of interviews. This non-profit program is supported and managed by the Michigan Oral History Association and Wayne State University's Walter P. Reuther Library. It began in August of 2006 with the purpose of providing bibliographic access to every oral history in the state of Michigan with the idea that identification is the first step in preservation. CONTACT INFORMATION. PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: David Votta - vottad [at] cadl.org, William Gulley - aa8030 [at] wayne.edu, Geneva Wiskemann - Gwiskemann [at] arq.net. For answers to frequently asked questions go to http://BeyondArchives.blogspot.com/.

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