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Richard Frankensteen Oral History
Interview with [?] Jones about the 1937 and 1945 Detroit elections.
Paul Cavanaugh Oral History
Interview conducted by Ray Borycka with the brother of Detroit mayor, Jerome P. Cavanagh. Also contains correspondence and a release.
Ray Girardin Oral History
Interview with Maurice Kelman about his career as a crime reporter with The Detroit Times and as Detroit police commissioner during the 1967 riot.
Joseph Sullivan Oral History
Interview with Raymond Borycka about the election and administration of Detroit mayor, Jerome P. Cavanagh.
Arvo "Charlie" Pyorala Oral History Interview
Topics include his father clearing land and building a home; starting a farm; working in lumber camps and mines; the 1913 strike; ethnic conflicts; religious life; keeping country roads open in the...
Grace Boggs Oral History
Interview with L. Todd Duncan and Kathryne V. Lindberg about her and husband, James’s revolutionary activism in inner city Detroit and their role in constructing a “black Marxism.” Published in the...
Walter Bergman Oral History
Interview with Warner Plug chronicling his activities as a socialist and an educator in Detroit in the 1920’s and 1930’s, his work with UNRRA in Europe after World War II and his experiences as a...
Cornelius Pitts
Oral history interview.
George Gaines Oral History
Oral history interview.
Jean Ernst Mayfield Oral History
Oral history interview.
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