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Aily Koski Oral History Interview
Topics include reasons for leaving Finland; her father's activities with the IWW; his being blacklisted and moving to a farm in 1922; his ideology; her own schooling; the role of the school in the...
Arthur J. Niemi Oral History Interview
Interview also includes Ilma Niemi. Topics include growing up in Virginia; home life; Fourth of July celebrations; memories of Eveleth and Payne, Minn.; church life; working in mines; and lumber...
Clare Left Cull Oral History
Recorded at Clare's home
Eugene Barnett Oral History
Interview about his involvement in the events at Centralia, Washington on Armistice Day, 1919. Supplementing the interview are William Friedlandís note on the provenance of the recording and Archie...
Frank Cedervall Oral History
Interview with Pete Reagan about his experiences with the IWW.
Frank Ellis Oral History
Interview conducted by the Minnesota Historical Society recounting Ellisís involvement with the IWW and Packinghouse Workers in Minnesota in the early part of the twentieth century. Also includes a...
Fred Thompson Oral History
Interview recounts Thompsonís activities with the Work Peoplesí College.
Herb Edwards Oral History
Herb Edwards talks about his background and experiences as a lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest, his arrest for criminal syndicalism and subsequent prison term in San Quentin as well as memories of...
IWW Strike 1927 - Eyewitness Interviews
Interview with six eyewitnesses to the killing of striking IWW miners by guards at the Columbine Mine in Lafayette, Colorado on November 21, 1927, conducted as part of the University of Coloradoís...
Julia Ruuttila Oral History
Julia Ruuttila describes her involvement with the Centralia case and in getting Ray Becker out of jail, her radical background in the labor movement, and her memories of Elmer Smith.
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