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Fannie Neal Oral History
Francis Dillon Oral History
Interview with Dennis East about William Green, AFL organizing in the auto industry and the UAW presidency.
Genora Dollinger Oral History
Oral history interview with Genora Dollinger about her involvement with the Flint sit-down strike, 1936-1937.
Hilda Smith and Frank Fernbach Oral History
Interview of chair and co-chair of the National Committee for the Extension of Labor Education touching primarily on the Committee’s efforts in the late 1940’s to get federal legislation passed to...
Katherine Ellickson Oral History
Interview with Katherine Pollak Ellickson. In this interview Ellickson explains the inventory of the papers that she gave to the University.
Katherine Ellickson Oral History
Interview with Dennis East. Also contains a release.This interview is the second big installment of Ellickson's interviews with the Labor Archives.
Katherine Ellickson Oral History
Interview with Peter Corning about Social Security.This memoir is the result of a series of tape-recorded interviews conducted for the Oral History Research Office by Peter Corning with Ellickson in...
Ted Silvey Oral History
Interview about his career as a speaker and writer with the Ohio CIO Council and the national CIO.

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