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Aidan Gallagher Oral History
Anna Kangas Oral History Interview
Topics include her work at Suomi College as a housemother; coming to America; school in Finland; Finnish foods; ethnic conflicts; boardinghouses in Hancock; Fourth of July celebrations; crime; home...
Annie Broan Aldrich Oral History Interview
Topics include family history; the reasons her parents came to Copper Country; her father's work as a mine captain; celebrating Christmas and the Fourth of July; school; marriage to physician...
Arvo "Charlie" Pyorala Oral History Interview
Topics include his father clearing land and building a home; starting a farm; working in lumber camps and mines; the 1913 strike; ethnic conflicts; religious life; keeping country roads open in the...
Barbara Williams Oral History Interview
Topics include attending school; graduating (1930) from Lawrence College in Appleton, Wis.; her work as a librarian in Calumet, first with the Calumet and Hecla library and later with the Calumet...
Battista Bigando Oral History Interview
Topics include coming to the U.S. from Italy; getting a job in the mines; boardinghouses; medical care and physicians; playing with the Calumet & Hecla Band; Allouez; and the visit of Theodore...
Charles Hohl Oral History Interview
Topics include being the oldest living alumnus of Michigan Tech; copper mines and mining; the 1913 strike; ethnic relations; medical care for miners; geological work; World War I and the mining...
George Anthony Oral History
Rogers Carlisle Oral History
misc events
Sister Agnes Clare Oral History
Recorded in Marywood
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