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Aily Koski Oral History Interview
Topics include reasons for leaving Finland; her father's activities with the IWW; his being blacklisted and moving to a farm in 1922; his ideology; her own schooling; the role of the school in the...
Arthur J. Niemi Oral History Interview
Interview also includes Ilma Niemi. Topics include growing up in Virginia; home life; Fourth of July celebrations; memories of Eveleth and Payne, Minn.; church life; working in mines; and lumber...
Clare Left Cull Oral History
Recorded at Clare's home
Dave Miller Oral History
Interview with Daniel Brooks about his career as president of UAW Local 22 and his role as leader of UAW retired workers.
Frank Felt Oral History
Interview with Dennis East and Betty Chmaj about Finnish participation in the labor movement.
Katherine Ellickson Oral History
Interview with Katherine Pollak Ellickson. In this interview Ellickson explains the inventory of the papers that she gave to the University.
Mark and Helen Norton Starr Oral History
Interview with Dennis East about their experiences at Brookwood Labor College and related events.Final portion of the interview is missing.
Percy Llewellyn Oral History
This interview takes place in two parts. Part one is an interview with George Heliker, in 1954. Part two with Dennis East about unionizing Ford Motor Company and the history of UAW Local 600. during...
Valery Burati Oral History
International labor relations specialistís interview with Philip P. Mason about his early life.

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