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Conversations with Stewart A. Newblatt
Transcript of interviews with federal Judge Stewart A. Newblatt, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Discusses: personal background; education; Army Criminal...
Elizabeth White Oral History
Daughter of Lee A Wright. Tape 1.
George Winborne Oral History
George and Hank Winborne. Tape 19.
Margueritte Kimball Oral History
CAA student and financial secretary 1942-1968. Tape 5.
Richard Thomas Oral History
Head of CAA Metalsmith Department 1948-1984. Tape 2.
Rogers Marquis Oral History
Son of Reverend Samuel S Marquis: Christ Church Cranbrook. Tape 4.
Roy Slade Oral History
Director of CAA 1970-1977. Tapes 11-12.
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