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Aidan Gallagher Oral History
Annie Broan Aldrich Oral History Interview
Topics include family history; the reasons her parents came to Copper Country; her father's work as a mine captain; celebrating Christmas and the Fourth of July; school; marriage to physician...
Armas K.E. Holmio Oral History Interview
Topics include Finland and the town of Rauma; famous Finnish clergy; living in the U.S. during the Depression; the Russo-Finnish War; World War II and his service as an army chaplain; teaching at...
Battista Bigando Oral History Interview
Topics include coming to the U.S. from Italy; getting a job in the mines; boardinghouses; medical care and physicians; playing with the Calumet & Hecla Band; Allouez; and the visit of Theodore...
Bertha M. Jacka Oral History Interview
Topics include community life in Calumet. Includes references to ethnic groups; copper mines and mining; 1913 copper miners' strike; Fourth of July; summer and winter pastimes; churches; schools...
Lester Tom Oral History
Ride in Town w Lester/Mary Tom. Recorded in the museum.

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