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1913-1914 Copper Miners' Strike (7)
1913-1914 Copper Miners' Strike (4)

Agnes Bird Oral History
Recorded in the Print Shop
Bertha M. Jacka Oral History Interview
Topics include community life in Calumet. Includes references to ethnic groups; copper mines and mining; 1913 copper miners' strike; Fourth of July; summer and winter pastimes; churches; schools...
Carl Brown Oral History
Interview with Howell Harris about the Foremanís Association of America.
Charles Hohl Oral History Interview
Topics include being the oldest living alumnus of Michigan Tech; copper mines and mining; the 1913 strike; ethnic relations; medical care for miners; geological work; World War I and the mining...
Frank Ellis Oral History
Interview conducted by the Minnesota Historical Society recounting Ellisís involvement with the IWW and Packinghouse Workers in Minnesota in the early part of the twentieth century. Also includes a...
Genora Dollinger Oral History
Oral history interview with Genora Dollinger about her involvement with the Flint sit-down strike, 1936-1937.
Hellen Collar Oral History
Hodges Mason Oral History
This interview with Hodges Mason, one of the first black presidents of a UAW local, takes place in two parts. Part I deals with the participation of blacks in sit-down strikes, the 1938 strike at...
Philip Raymond Oral History
Interview with Shelton Tappes about his work organizing for the United Automobile, Aircraft and Vehicle Workers of America and the UAW.
Rogers Carlisle Oral History
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