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Agnes Bird Oral History
Recorded in the Print Shop
Arthur Oinas Oral History Interview
Topics include his parents' emigration from Finland; lumber camps; copper mines and mining; school in Calumet, Mich.; the 1913 strike; Western Federation of Miners; Socialists in the mines; Finnish...
Barbara Williams Oral History Interview
Topics include attending school; graduating (1930) from Lawrence College in Appleton, Wis.; her work as a librarian in Calumet, first with the Calumet and Hecla library and later with the Calumet...
Beaver Island Archaeology Oral History
Bertha M. Jacka Oral History Interview
Topics include community life in Calumet. Includes references to ethnic groups; copper mines and mining; 1913 copper miners' strike; Fourth of July; summer and winter pastimes; churches; schools...
Catherine Bales Oral History
Hellen Collar Oral History
Joe LaFreniere Oral History
and Don Cole

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