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Allers Oral History
Recorded in the Marine Museum
Armas K.E. Holmio Oral History Interview
Topics include Finland and the town of Rauma; famous Finnish clergy; living in the U.S. during the Depression; the Russo-Finnish War; World War II and his service as an army chaplain; teaching at...
Arvid M. Alanen Oral History Interiview
Topics include his father's leaving Finland, working at the mine in Ishpeming, family life and boarders, beginning his engineering career, and teaching at Suomi College.
Arvo "Charlie" Pyorala Oral History Interview
Topics include his father clearing land and building a home; starting a farm; working in lumber camps and mines; the 1913 strike; ethnic conflicts; religious life; keeping country roads open in the...
Bertha M. Jacka Oral History Interview
Topics include community life in Calumet. Includes references to ethnic groups; copper mines and mining; 1913 copper miners' strike; Fourth of July; summer and winter pastimes; churches; schools...
Charles Hohl Oral History Interview
Topics include being the oldest living alumnus of Michigan Tech; copper mines and mining; the 1913 strike; ethnic relations; medical care for miners; geological work; World War I and the mining...
George Anthony Oral History
Lester Tom Oral History
Ride in Town w Lester/Mary Tom. Recorded in the museum.
Sister Agnes Clare Oral History
Recorded in Marywood

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