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The Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive
Title: Eva Ackerman Oral History
Interviewee: Ackerman, Eva
Description: An interview with Eva Ackerman, a Holocaust survivor, conducted by Dr. Sidney Bolkosky, Professor of History at the University of Michigan--Dearborn. Eva Ackerman was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1926. Although an only child, Eva was part of a large extended family, most of whom perished during the war. Eva's parents divorced when she was young and she was raised by her mother. She had a reasonably normal childhood, even after the war began until the German annexation of Hungary in 1944. Eva was separated from her mother and marched to Zurndorf, Austria. She was put on a train to a labor camp in Landsberg from which she was eventually liberated. Her father perished in an air raid shortly before the end of the war and her mother died in Bergen-Belsen
Classification: Michigan -- Holland -- Business
Institutions -- Hope College Joint Archvies of Holland
Institutions -- The Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive
Holocaust survivors -- United States -- Interviews
Resource Type: Sound
Date Recorded: 1982-12-06
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Audio/Video Format: 3 sound discs (ca. 146 min.)
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Transcript Format: 1 transcript (52 leaves col. map 30 cm.)
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Interviewer: Bolkosky, Sidney M
Collection Name: Holocaust survivor oral histories
Collection Description: The Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive exists to maintain a collection of oral testimonies of those who survived the Holocaust and make these widely accessible for educational purposes. Through interlibrary loan, the Internet and community outreach, we make the oral testimonies and transcriptions available to researchers, students and the general public.
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