Repository: Ralph M. Freeman Memorial Library
Title: Conversations with Robert E. DeMascio
Interviewee: DeMascio, Robert E.
Description: Transcript of interviews with federal Judge Robert E. DeMascio, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Discusses: personal background; education; Coraoplis, PA; GI Bill; Phillipines; Wayne State University; United States Attorney's Office; Sen. Homer Ferguson; Detroit Recorder's Court; Detroit Riot, 1967; Alvin Davenport; Donald Leonard; public defender; Myzell Sowell; Geraldine Ford; Martin Hayden; cross-district busing; Chester Campbell; United States v. Bowers and Beckham; Bradley v. Milliken; public litigation; sentencing guidelines; Judicial Conference of the United States, Bankruptcy Committee; bankruptcy courts; Detroit Public Schools; United States v. City of Birmingham; Baldwin House; housing discrimination.
Classification: Institutions -- Ralph M. Freeman Memorial Library
Coverage: 1923 - 1997
Resource Type: Text
Language: English
Permissions & Copyright: Historical Society, Eastern District of Michigan
Access Rights: Access and reproduction by permission of the Historical Society.
Date Recorded: 1997
Release Flag: OK for Viewing
Transcript Format: Analog
Interviewer: Mason, Philip P.
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