Repository: Wayne State University, Walter P. Reuther Library
Title: Felix Seldon Oral History
Interviewee: Seldon, Felix
Description: Oral history interview.
Classification: Ethnicity United States -- African Americans -- Detroit
Michigan -- Detroit
Institutions -- Wayne State University, Walter P. Reuther Library
Coverage: 1920s-1950s
Resource Type: Text
Language: English
Permissions & Copyright: Walter P. Reuther Library
Access Rights: No restrictions.
Date Recorded: 2005
Release Flag: OK for Viewing
Transcript Format: Paper
Interviewer: Jones, Louis
Collection Name: Detroit WestSiders Oral History Project
Collection Description: The Detroit WestSiders organization was founded in 1995 to research and preserve the history of the people and institutions that made the west side of Detroit a nurturing black enclave in the period from 1920 to 1950.
Oral History ID: WPR 0771
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Repository state: Michigan
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