Repository: Wayne State University, Walter P. Reuther Library
Title: M.G. Oral History
Interviewee: M.G., 1950-
Description: M.G. is a member of Local 659 and is an Electrician at Flint Engine South. M.G began working at GM and after spending several years on the production line she began to seek a more demanding position. She tested for the skilled trades and was accepted into the apprenticeship program in 1977, the second female and the first to complete the apprenticeship. M.G discusses the difference in treatment she received from the varying generations in the plant; the younger were much more accepting of a woman in the trades than were the older generation. In 1999 she was accepted into a position in the facilities group at the new engine facility, and few years later was moved into a quality network processing position. M.G. discusses her union activities and is involved with the Coalition of Labor Union Women, Region 1C Women's Council, and the United Way. A letter from the interviewee to Margaret Roucher is included at the end of this oral history.
Subject 1: Skilled tradeswomen
Subject 2: Electricians
Subject 3: Flint Engine South
Classification: Work
Labor -- Labor movement -- Women
Institutions -- Wayne State University, Walter P. Reuther Library
Coverage: Flint, MI; 1977-2006
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Language: English
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Date Recorded: 2006-05-22
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Transcript Format: Paper
Interviewer: Raucher, Margaret; Advisory Group Members
Collection Name: Metro Detroit Skilled Tradeswomen Oral History Project
Collection Description: Interviews with women in a variety of construction and maintenance trades conducted between 2004 and 2006.
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