Repository: Wayne State University, Walter P. Reuther Library
Title: Carrie Harding Oral History
Interviewee: Harding, Carrie, 1962-
Description: Carrie Harding of Saginaw, MI is an Operating Engineer with Local 3241 and an instructor of MIOSHA, hazardous waste removal, and mine safety courses. While working as a traffic flagger she had an opportunity to train as an equipment operator. Harding explains that she was the only woman in the training program and describes the training and equipment. She recalls the sexist treatment she received by a foreman and compares that to the mentoring and friendships she had with her co-workers. Harding discusses how she stayed with her first company for nine years, worked for other companies and eventually became certified as a HAZMAT instructor, an OSHA outreach instructor and how she got a part-time job teaching at the local. At the time of the interview the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative was on the November ballot, Harding recalls the role it played in her entering the field and the possible ramifications if the initiative is ended. Harding closes the interview with a discussion of her feelings on why there are no women officers in her local, why there have never been and if there will be any in the future. An afterward by Harding is included at the end of this oral history.
Subject 1: Skilled tradeswomen
Subject 2: Operating Engineers
Subject 3: Local 3241
Classification: Work
Labor -- Labor movement -- Women
Institutions -- Wayne State University, Walter P. Reuther Library
Coverage: Flint, Saginaw, MI; 1988-2005
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Date Recorded: 2005-02-07
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Collection Name: Metro Detroit Skilled Tradeswomen Oral History Project
Collection Description: Interviews with women in a variety of construction and maintenance trades conducted between 2004 and 2006.
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