Repository: Wayne State University, Walter P. Reuther Library
Title: Roy Kubista Oral History
Interviewee: Kubista, Roy
Description: This interview takes place in two parts. Part I discusses the Kubista’s early life and education. Kubista began to work for the Wisconsin State Employees Association in 1934 conducting research on a part-time basis. Kubista discusses his research and the state of the Association during that period and the early days of the AFSCME. Kubista recalls Arnold Zander and describes his experiences with the leader. In part II Kubista discusses the role of AFSCME employee Colonel Alva E. Garey. The impact of WWII is mentioned as is the Associations involvement during and after the war. Kubista held the position of Executive-Secretary from 1936-1970, that latter part of the interview deals with his experience in that position and his role in the Association.
Subject 1: Zander
Subject 2: Wisconsin State Employees Association
Subject 3: Colonel Garey
Classification: Labor unions -- AFSCME - American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees
Institutions -- Wayne State University, Walter P. Reuther Library
AFSCME - American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees
Coverage: Madison,WI; 1934-1970
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Language: English
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Date Recorded: 1982-12-17 - 1983-12-10
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Interviewer: Mason, Philip P.
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